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Autopsia Thanatopolis Alexei Monroe

Author: Alexei Monroe
Artist: Autopsia
Publisher: Divus
Format: Paperback
Size: 16 x 24 x 1,5 cm, Weight: 600 g
Page Extent: 112
ISBN: 978-80-86450-91-9

Autopsia Thanatopolis Alexei Monroe

Thanatopolis is the first extended work in English on a complex
and mystifying body of work, dating back to 1979. Now based in Prague, it is
an obscure part of industrial culture, which has been the subject of increasing
interest over the last decade. AutopsiA is a highly cryptic and esoteric project
so far ignored in the histories of this period. It uses an extremely diverse range
of musical, philosophical, theological, poetic, literary, ideological and artistic
sources, from biblical quotations to dubstep. The central theme this shadowy and
shifting identity explores is death. Working in music, graphics, installations and
film, AutopsiA intensively examines death as a cultural force that is increasingly
repressed. Thanatoplis examines the key processes behind AutopsiA’s work and
how it has often come to act as an uncanny commentary on future events.
Thanatopolis explores the implications of its work appearing in 21st Century
London, teetering on the brink of massive historical change and the attempted
technological abolition of death.


„With the increasing pixellation of history in the media age and the rise
of commodifiable humanist ‘utility’ art, the narcissistic fetish of individualism and
the ‘New Puritanism’ of third-stage (late-) Capitalism, Alexei Monroe’s illuminating
and thorough study of Autopsia is a reminder that non-aligned counter positions
are more essential than ever if we are not to live in Autopsia’s ‘Civilization of
Death’…“ Dr. Simon Bell, Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University


Autopsia Apocrypha

publisher UPI2M PLUS
ISBN 978-953-7703-17-2
278 pagee

Autopsia Gebetbuch

GEBETBUCH A, edition of one, silkscreen print [not for sale]  

GEBETBUCH B, edition of 30, [not for sale]


Radical Machine 0.1 Box

AutopsiA by Vladimir Mattioni
Publisher: MSUV Novi Sad 2012
96 pages, color, ISBN 978-86-84773-97-7

Autopsia Mirror of Destruction exhibition catalogue, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, 2010 ISBN 978-86-7101-277-5